Toys at Jou Jou inside
The Grand America Hotel

When you are on vacation with kids you will want to purchase them some toys they could bring home from the trip. During our winter vacation in Salt Lake City we visited Jou Jou toy store inside The Grand America Hotel located 555 South Main Street Salt Lake City, UT 84111. The store is open every day, but the hours of operation vary. From Sunday to Tuesday it’s open from 9 am till 5 pm, but from Wednesday till Saturday it’s open until 9 pm.

Of all the toy stores we visited this one in unique. If you are looking for something one-of-the-kind Jou Jou is the place to visit. A large vintage Bugatti car a child can ride is an exact copy of one of the first cars that took part in car races. It is sure to be a precious gem in the collection of your child’s car if he already has some.

Wooden Toys
A variety of wooden toys at Jou Jot, The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

There is a great choice of creative toys for toddlers and the assortment includes wooden toys that are eco friendly and help develop important skills. Kids need toys to role play and Wonder Wise toys offer opportunity to learn while having fun. Kids can learn about space exploration and rockets and about marine animals living deep down the ocean. A wide range of constructor sets will help kids develop thinking and fine motor skills. And you will find all these and much more at Jou Jou.

Wonder Wise Toys
Wonder Wise toys and sets at Jou Jot, The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

For the girls there are nice Cook & Serve Sets and Table It Pasta Play Food to cook different dishes and serve them to happy customers. When I was a child, it was my favorite activity. I wish I had toys like that back in my childhood.

Retro Plush Teddy
Retro plush teddy bears at Jou Jot, The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

In addition to hard wooden toys Jou Jou has got stuffed animals of premium quality. These furry teddy bears with a cute cap and a bow just beg to be cuddled and are sure to become a faithful companion.

Educational Toys
Board games and educational toys at Jou Jot, The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Older kids will love board games of strategy like Gobblet, plus those who get ready to start school with learn math basics due to Wonder Wise Math kits. Construction cubes, puzzles and other creative resources you can find at Jou Jou guarantee many hours of fun play.

Multi Colored Candy
Multi-colored candy at the back of Jou Jot store at The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

And, of course, no toy store would be a success without candy. Kids love candy and enjoy getting it as gift. Here, at Jou Jou you will see a variety of multicolored candy tubes of different colors and sizes. Some candy tubes have an assortment of different candy and kids can customize their own tubes with candy of their choice.

Paper Bag

Staying in Salt Lake City with kids make sure you take them to Jou Jou toy store inside The Grand America Hotel. Here you will find a variety of high-quality handcrafted toys and games. From beautifully illustrated books, adorable dolls and retro plush toys to eclectic robots and digital monsters there are toys for every age and every taste.

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The Grand America Hotel
The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.