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TJ's The Kiddies Stores

TJ's is BC's original baby superstore. We have been serving the needs of discerning parents and babies for over 30 years.

Oyaco Product Inc.

Distributor of innovative, safe and high quality baby, maternity and children's products.

Knowledge First Financial

For over 50 years, KFF have helped Canadian families save for their child’s education. Learn how to get started today.

Vancouver's Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor

Dr. Sabrina prides herself in working with her patients to free them from pain and suffering, and once they've achieved that goal, continue to lead fuller, healthier lives by providing wellness care

WCS Recycling

WCS Recycling is committed to helping businesses and households make conservation second nature by moving the community from environmental awareness to sustainable action.

Strolling in Style
Baby Jogger Tour
Juhye Byun
Booth # 1
Knowledge First Financial
Baby Bath Set
Chris Fournier
Booth # 2
Kids & Company
Birthday Party
I. McTavish
Booth # 3
Tot 2 Teen Dental
Oral B Toothbrush and Exam
Karla Gomez
Booth # 5
Car Seat Raffle
Uppababy Mesa Car Seat
Alex Hunter
Booth # 6
Booth # 7
Arbonne International - Amber Branny
Mama & Baby Gift Set
JP Silva
Booth # 8
doTerra - Aimee Decaigny
Mom & Baby Oils Kit
Lisa Tran
Booth # 9
Booth # 10
Booth # 11,12,13
Bois Bites
Bamboo Blanket
Irene Huynh
Booth # 14
Mary Kay Cosmetics - Monica Noel
Body Products
Samantha Wheatley
Booth # 16
Booth # 17
BC Doula Services Association
Gift Set
Carmie Silva
Booth # 18
PDG Pediatric Dental Group
Gift Basket
Rudy Minhas-Barnim
Booth # 19
Booth # 20
REF Financial Group
Gift Certificate
Eric Kung
Booth # 21
Oyaco Product Inc.
Prizes at Workshop
Booth # 22
Taylin Threads
Baby Gown
Mitali Kaura
Booth # 23
Runners & Booties Fitness
High Chair
Matthew Pan
Booth # 24
Mountainview Sleep Consulting
Sleep Package
Wendy Vuong
Booth # 25
The Pediatric Headshape Clinic
Boda Wrap
Margot Day
Booth # 26
The Wealthy Baby Program
Gift Card
Sarah Majory
Booth # 27
Monat Global - Independent Market Partner
Hair Growth System
Jennifer Morais
Booth # 28
Desjardins Finanical
Gift Card
Kin Ho Pinga
Booth # 29
Booth # 30 & 31
Etty and Roll
Change Pad
Samantha Wheatley
Booth # 35
A Healthy Beginning
Gift Certificate
Kristina Pantaleo
Booth # 36
Baby Products
Carling Crammer
Booth # 37
Fuud Foods Inc.
Meal Kits
Joey Pallot
Booth # 38
Buddha Belly Casting
Gift Certificate
Laura Holland
Booth # 39
daisypops Breastfeeding Apparel Corp
Breastfeeding Sleep Shirt
Cathernie Lopez
Booth # 40
Mommy Tree Birth Services
Gift Basket
Stephanie Brunsvik
Booth # 41
Nursing Buddy Bakery
Gift Pack
Michelle Sun
Booth # 42
Canadian Blood Services
Gift Pack
Margot Day
Booth # 43
Vancouver Baby Proofers
Gift Certificate
Frances May
Booth # 44