Most Popular Baby names, 2011 vs. 1911:
‘William’ stands the test of time

Popular baby names in the U.S. have changed dramatically over the past 100 years. But some things never change, including our nation's love of the name "William

For example, the most popular names in 2011 were "Jacob" for boys and "Sophia" for girls. But in 1911, they were "John" and "Mary." Again, as mentioned above, neither "John" nor "Mary" even appears in the top 20 for 2011:

But one name has resolutely stood the test of time: William. One hundred years later, "William" has fallen only one slot, from No. 2 to No. 3, in the list of popular male names. "James" has also managed to stick around, dropping from No. 3 in 1911 to No. 17 in 2011.

For girls, only "Elizabeth" has stayed on the list, dropping just four spots over the past century, from No. 7 to No. 11.




Mommy Goes Techy

Check out this iPhone Application called Total Baby is the #1 Baby logging and tracking app. It will help you log and track all aspects of your child’s care that makes tracking easy and fun. The application is compatiable with excel and email so you can save all your data. The application isn't free but for the price of $4.99 US you can't go wrong.

  • Breastfeeding (easy tool to remember which side!)
  • Track baby naps times
  • Track baby diaper changes
  • Book appointments for you and baby
  • New update Growth Chart (Track growth espesically for a preemies)
  • Keep track of baby milestones - First haircut, First steps and crawling etc.

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Create A Healthy Non-Toxic Nursery

There are many reasons why you should create a toxin free environment for your baby. One main reason is because chemical exposure for a baby’s developing organs is ten more times more potent as compared to exposure for adults. With baby’s developing tiny body it’s crucial to protect your baby from toxic chemical exposure.

So, let’s start where baby spends the most time sleeping and that’s usually in her crib. As a budget conscious parent your probably not interested in spending $800 on a sustainably produced, non-toxic birch wood crib. Things to consider are:

- Toxins you should avoid in mattresses are polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and chemical fire retardants

- Purchase a toxin free, green crib mattress and bedding (ie. fitted sheet & mattress pad). Naturepedic carries a high quality and affordable line of mattresses and bedding that Itsabelly recommends.

-When taking new furniture out of the box let it air out for at least a few weeks to allow it to off-gas

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Baby Milestones: The First Six Months

Your baby changes and grows so much in this first year. Learning about your infant development provides you with a roadmap to guide you as with your new baby. Find out what to expect from baby in each of the first 6 months after birth.


Baby is starting to seem more like a baby and less like a newborn. The stepping reflex (baby "walks" when supported in an upright position on a solid surface) and the grasping reflex (baby grabs your finger when you place it in his hand) have started to fade..


Baby is able to sit up straight, if propped. Baby is able to raise his head to a 90 degree angle if placed on his stomach. He/She may even be able to push part of his chest off the floor.


Baby's legs are strong enough to support most of her own weight when she is held in a standing position.Baby can pick up an object that has been dropped (provided it's within her reach).

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